Scrips of life

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Double scripts in life’s wicked flips three verbs, throwing nothing but reverb.
Twice the lyrical lines, avast steer clear of this lyrical pioneer with mystical lines & futuristic rhymes killing the physics of time.
My intellectual beauty its brilliance, resilience of this philosophical crazy mind with speeds in excess of a Maserati mind.
Only crazy is the vehicle of world’s transformation it’s life’s finicky essence of brilliant master’s of the mind’s..Live love with the sweat of fears, life’s wicked in so many way’s.

To the crazy mind’s of a crazed thinking way, crazy changed before crazy ever changed a crazy mind. Go for life of the amazing, choose what you want & be much more. Provocative model of a photograph, a clay sculpture of a lady in kind. Artist of provocative art’s mending an bending hour’s to love. Transducer of fear to fevers love’s virtues of unconditional greatest philosophy. To…

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