She won the elocution.!

The Vagabond Table

Sitting on her bed with a pen in one hand and one side of her face on the other, her lap was getting heavy with the burden of 3 things over it-a mathematics book, a question bank book and a note book and just by chance she kept a diary over all these 3 books wishing to pen down her thoughts. You can very well imagine the condition of those 3 books which were lying aimlessly, staring at her with its black prints on the sheer white sheets as if asking her to study them and solve those problems.

She was exactly a month away from her exams and still her mind was wandering everywhere else except on where it was required to – studies. And just then her dad asked a question to her mom,”What is most important certificate which becomes invalid when signatured by you ?”, and her…

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eternal winter 1

People are asleep, and when they die, they wake up & İnsanlar uykudadır. Ölünce uyanırlar .!!




Death is a sherbet that everybody will taste.
Shrouds are suits that everybody will wear.
Coffins are vehicles that everybody will travel in.
Graves are doors that everybody will pass through.

Ölüm bir şerbettir, her insan onu içecektir.
Kefen bir elbisedir, her insan onu giyecektir.
Tabut bir binektir, her insan ona binecektir .
Mezar bir kapıdir, her insan o kapıdan girecektir.


Don’t think of today, yesterday is gone,but is there a tomorrow?
Don’t trust in your youth,are all those who die, old?

Bu gününü düşünme Dün geçti, Yarın var mı?
Gençliğine Güvenme! Ölen hep ihtiyar mı?

Ebu Turab Nahşebi (RadıyAllahu Anh)

If the dead could speak they would tell you.
They missed their chance, but you should repent.

Ölünün Dili olsa diyecek Sana.
Ben Fırsatı kaçırdım Tövbe et Günahına.

Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

Sometimes I get this strange feeling,
What am I doing in this wretched world?

An oluyor bir…

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Sung Soft and Slow

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Allll in a moment.
The darkness tucks us in.
Shhh. Little sleepyhead,
It’s time to go to bed.

The day is coming,
Adventures lay ahead.
Ohhh, We will rise early,
The sun will shine again.

Buuut in this moment,
Your sweet dreams are calling.
Shhh. Little sleepy head,
It’s time to go to bed.

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Storia illustrata

A Happy New Year ~




Lots of fun and luck for  your future!


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