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Express Yourself through Instagram

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Underwater Photography by Indah SusantiI guess most bloggers have been familiar with Instagram. Without doubt Instagram is a popular social media application and used by millions people around the globe. It was reported there are 200 millions instagrammers and 20 billion photos shared in instagram. Impressive number! Instagram provides easy way to publish images directly from mobile-phone. This is the strength of the instagram. You can express yourself through images at anytime and anywhere. No surprises that there are plenty of selfies images in Instagram.

I am a late comer to Instagram. I started being active in Instagram during my recent trip to the Philippines (I have been in Instagram longer than that but as a passive instagrammer). While Instagram’s initial aim was to publish pictures from mobile-phone camera; nowadays, more and more images from regular camera like DSLR, compact camera or micro four third published in Instagram as well. Some regular cameras have wifi…

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Monochrome Monday: Experience Pain with Pleasure

indahs: dive, travel & photography

As offered in Changi Airport, Singapore. I wish I have that chair now.
Have a great Monday!

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The Whale Sharks and Oslob’s Controversy

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Sixth Edition of Marine Life monthly post. My apology for the delay than its usual date on the 19th. Please join the polling on this post, share your opinion on this controversy issue!

It is very common for some nature lovers, travelers and scuba divers to dream seeing whale sharks in their natural habitat, ocean. It is not surprising, the whale shark is the world’s largest fish and one of the celebrities from the marine life world. The whale sharks are not dangerous to humans. It is a shark species (not a whale!) but they are not aggressive and very slow swimmers (5 kmph). However, with average weight of 20 tons, the shark has a very powerful tail that could caused serious injury if get smashed at! Following is a movie from our trip in Oslob, taken using GoPro.

Their life span is not confirmed. Some suggested that…

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Când am trimis dorinţele spre cer

Denisa Aricescu

Când am trimis dorinţele spre cer

Am privit stelele în ultimele minute din an,
Cerul se scălda în dorinţele trimise…
Totul era luminat.
Voiam să citesc fericirea de pe chipul tău.
În suflet mi se prelingea iubirea,
Mă linişteam şi totodată inima-mi bătea puternic.
Îmi închideam ochii.
Palmele erau deschise,
Călătoreai pe linia vieţii.
Un timp n-am mai spus nimic.
Nimicul se risipea
Şi prindea forma unor umbre…
Se auzea picurând speranţele
Mă ascundeam.
Am închis nimicul în pumn
Şi am lăsat să plouă peste mine.

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interesting claim…!

marriage at black church

cow … to ride