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Fifth edition of Marine Life monthly post. Since it is almost Christmas, why not introducing a unique looking worm called Christmas Tree. It is a worm but it will not eat your Christmas tree 😉

Christmas Tree WormChristmas Tree worm (spirobranchus giganteus) is a tube-building worm that lives in the stony coral. They have beautiful crowns that shaped like Christmas tree with bright color feather tentacles (radioles). These worms are regularly seen in tropical sea water like in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. They are very sensitive to movement and lights. They react very fast by retracting their radioles inside their tubes. For this reason I have not been able to capture their pictures perfectly with their top to make them look like Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree WormThe tube of the worm is lined with appendages that aid the worm in mobility. The worm does not move outside its tube and the appendages do not help the worm to swim. Sincerely I have never seen the worm outside of the coral, so I have no clue about its appendages appearance. The worm itself is very small with average length of 3.8 cm.  But it is easy to spot because of its colorful radioles. Its radioles colors are varied from red, purple, yellow and blue. Very pretty! The radioles help the worm in filtering the water particles and plankton for food.

Christmas Tree Worm

The Christmas tree worms have two genders – female and male, and they reproduce by releasing sperm and eggs into the water. I think I managed to capture this moment on my image – just click the left picture to get it enlarged then you will see there were blue particles floating into the water. Not sure if these particles were eggs or sperms or 😀

All pictures were taken in Raja Ampat, West Papua (Indonesia).

 Holidays Note

indah-susanti on travel

This picture was created by Yvette from Priorhouse using Photofunia. I love it, perfect for the holiday note! Thank you, Yvette!

Yup, I will be on travel to the Philippines and Singapore soon! I have been to these countries and I have several reasons why these countries are worth to revisit – future posts 😉

This post is my last post for year 2014. I will continue updating instagram and facebook page with travel photos. Please join or stalk my travels at instagram/indahs_photography andfacebook/indahstravelphotography. But I have to warn that most of the time I may forget the online world when having too much fun with the fishes and the marine critters.


For bloggers and readers who celebrate Christmas,

Merry Christmas!
May this Christmas be a delight for you and your loved ones

And for all bloggers and readers who have been following and visiting my blog,

Thank You so much! Happy New Year 2015!
May year 2015 bring abundant joy and happiness to you
See you in 2015. Sampai Jumpa. Tot Ziens.

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Twinkle Night

#AceFriendsNews – Nice post Indah and really Chistmassy. Ian

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Most Dutch people love to decorate their houses during the Christmas time. Not only houses that being decorated but also the trees nearby to their homes and apartments. It is such delightful view when walking in my neighborhood (Rotterdam) at night these days. Some houses are sparkled with outdoor decorative lights.

I do feel the joy of Christmas celebration when seeing these twinkle night lights on the Christmas trees and people houses. How an ordinary thing shared can bring an extraordinary feeling of happiness to others. Please join Kan’s weekly post “Joy is”,  by sharing things that bring you joy and happiness. This week Kan is sharing her joy in Udaipur with beautiful night photography 🙂

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Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

come and drink a romanian wine

#AceFriendsNews – Just in time for Christmas a nice drink of Romanian Wine. Thanks Paul.

Să stăm de vorbă

#AceFriendsNews – Really beautiful writing and beautiful words from a beautiful person. I wish you all for Christmas you wish the readers …… and more. Ian

Denisa Aricescu

Dragii mei cititori,

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Nu ştiu când a trecut toamna, dar şi mai grav de-atât, nu ştiu când a trecut prima jumătate a lunii decembrie. Astăzi…

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Everyday the earth calls out with ten things & Her gün, yer on kelime ile seslenir & Anas Ibn Malik (radyAllahu`anhu)

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Anas Ibn Malik (radyAllahu`anhu) said,

“Everyday the earth calls out with ten things, saying,

‘O son of Adam!

You strive on my surface and your destination is my stomach;
You disobey [Allah] on my surface and you will be punished for it in my stomach;
You laugh on my surface and you will cry in my stomach;
You are happy on my surface and you will be sad in my stomach;
You gather wealth on my surface and you will regret gathering it in my stomach;
You are arrogant on my surface and you will be humiliated in my stomach;
You walk insolently on my surface and you will fall miserably into my stomach;
You walk in the light on my surface and you will be in the darkness in my stomach;
And You walk with crowds and large gatherings on my surface and You will be lonely in my…

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