Do you eat for health or environmental sustainability? The Double Pyramid says you can do both.


The Double Pyramid is an innovative way of portraying how the ecological footprints of our food compare to their nutritional value.

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Monochrome Monday: Fenix Food Factory

#AceFriendsNews – says Monochrome Monday Indahs Travel Story.

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Around year 1900 Fenixloodsen (Fenix Lofts) next to Rijnhaven harbor, Katendrecht (Rotterdam) used to be the largest port warehouses area in the world. The area was bombed by the Germans during the World War II but luckily a large part of the buildings survived from the attacks. After the World War II, the Rotterdam’s Port was expanded and relocated to larger area, leaving behind the Fenixloodsen and Rijnhaven harbor.

For years the Fenixloodsen were stranded and unused. Finally, in recent few years, Rotterdam City Government together with some investors made a plan to renovate the buildings into apartments, restaurants, and exhibition places. Fenixloodsen’s function as warehouses is gone but certainly they are not forgotten. One of the buildings opens this year as a food court  with urban industrial style: Fenix Food Factory. This place is a hit in the summer time where visitors can enjoy the view of…

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Storia illustrata

christmas ornaments

Nice and festive Paul 🙂

a letter from another space

نادية حرحش

this is not just a title .
it is a real letter from another space.
I am still taken aback figuring it out . The answer would be definitely far simpler than my imaginative mind.
My colleague handed me a letter today that was received by mail . I was opening it carelessly thinking of who would send me a letter from Israel written in Arabic . My surprise went on to see the hand written letter; which before even thinking of browsing it looked personal . To realize shortly later that it was sent from prison .
there is nothing in the letter that I was able to really grasp in its one page details that meant absolutely nothing ,except some reflections of someone over his own feelings about life and then thanking me and wishing me a great life ,appreciating me ..
the signature held the name of…

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