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Byron Bay Meditation & Mindfulness



For years and years, I identified myself with my mind. I thought I was the mind. What a surprise when I discovered I was not! It changed everything. It was a big relief for me because as a teenager, despite being one of the smartest kids at school, I believed myself crazy. There was incessant chatter in my head, most of it unnecessary thoughts of fear and worry, and I didn`t know if it was the same for other people. That chatter was driving me insane, I wanted to go and see a psychiatrist sometimes. But it seemed that everybody found me ‘normal’, and I was doing pretty well at what I was undertaking. So I started assuming that it was just the way to be, and that I would be an overactive thinker for the rest of my life, no respite. As the French philosopher Descartes…

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Home with Ginger

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Home with Ginger

               Today, I feel frivolous!  Never having had a linear thought in my life, I have decided to take a detour of my stories from the North and describe our return to “A” Town, (Ahmedabad) last Sunday.   After visiting the Indian travelers’ equivalent of an Italian travelers’ visits to Rome, Florence and Venice…Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Jaipur/Varanasi, (I couldn’t choose just three!), we lift Delhi on an overnight train. I was excited as I love train travel. Surviving the throngs of Delhi travelers pushing/shoving through security and milling around on the platform, our train finally rolled into the station. We had a 2A accommodations  which means two bunk bed organization with a total of 6 people together in a space. A sleepover!  It is possible to have 3A or even 4A…

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Gifs Animaux Drôles Page 319

“I Now Pronounce You Science and Creation”

Beautiful Life with Cancer

‘Til death do them part, Science and Creation are a happy couple.  A while ago, on the local Christian station, I heard an announcer say how sad it was that “science” was the word of the year.  His logic was that it had replaced religion…..ummmm…NO!  And then I read articles explaining how Christians live by choosing to just believe in stuff and ignore science….ummmm….NO!  And then I hear that as we learn more and more about how things work, that we worship God less and less…..again….NO!

I am raising a little Scientist.  By the age of 7, she has lost hours studying random matter under a microscope (during play time), I have sat with her and read about splitting hydra, her deepest wishes and best presents have included:  2 geckos, fish, a frog, hamster, guinea pig, dog, and 2 kittens.  (that list would continue, but I have to stop it…

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Post 607: a tale of revenge most foul


Andy oftentimes sleeps on top of the washing machine, which is in my bathroom. For that reason, if I need to use the toilet in the night, I navigate in the dark, using only night lights to guide the way. Night lights work to a point. Last night, I stepped onto something wet and clammy right in the doorway of my bedroom, one place the night lights don’t cover.

When you have two cats, that can be one of three things, none of which you want to have attached to the bottom of your foot!  Dougy was stretched out nearby because black cats always should be stretched out in dark places where you can’t see them, so I blame him for the offering: a nice juicy hairball!

Oops! I woke my sleepy boywith the flash. Sorry, Andy! Oops! I woke my sleepy boy with the flash. Sorry, Andy! (He’s so sweet when he just wakes up, though. Soft, warm, and fuzzy sweet…

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Musulmans entendez-vous votre propre haine?

Monochrome Monday: The Colonnades

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Vatican City

St. Peter’s Square (Vatican City) is surrounded by semi-round colonnades. Designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, each side of the colonnades consists of four rows of columns with total of 284 columns. Additionally, Bernini placed 140 statues of religious people on top of the colonnades. I did not count it myself but I was tempted to take picture of each statue. The two colonnades were geometrically designed to resemble two arms that embrace the crowds in the square.

Too many photos of the colonnades are available online, so I thought to take a photo with different perspective. Yes, I was queuing when taking the picture, it was a long wait and I learned a lesson to start early when visiting famous landmark 😉

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