Food Waste in Japan: How Eco-towns and Recycling Loops are Encouraging Self-Sufficiency


In 2010, Japan discarded approximately 18 million tonnes of food annually—five to eight million tonnes of that food was considered edible when it was discarded.

This amount was virtually equivalent to the amount of the country’s annual rice production (8.39 million tonnes). Three to four million tonnes came from the food industry and another two to four million from individual households; this is comparable to the total amount of food aid distributed worldwide (about four million tonnes).

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Holy Cow

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Mother Cow is the queen in the pantheon of sacred Indian animals. In fact, she stands head and shoulders above the rest. There are group all over Indian demanding the government name the cow as the national animal to replace the tiger which currently holds that honor. You might wonder how this all came about.  Many years before the  pyramids were built in ancient Egypt, or written law chiseled into stone by Hammurabi,  or paper invited by the Chinese, the Indian people had given up their nomadic wanderings. They had settled down to an agricultural lifestyle. This was before coins were used as money, and wealth was determined by the number of cows owned by the farmer. Cattle became legal tender and were used as payments, presented as dowry, and even used to pay the hated taxes!  Through the ages, cow’s milk has been often the only source of nourishment…

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Power Plant Women and the EEOC Shuffle — Repost

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 30, 2013:

While I worked as a janitor at the coal-fired power plant in North Central Oklahoma the subject came up one Monday morning about the normal career path that janitors could take. We had already been told that the only place a janitor could advance to was the labor crew. We had been told that there was a company policy that came down from Oklahoma City that only allowed janitors to move to the labor crew before they could move on to another job like an Operator or Mechanic.

I had been trying to decide if I wanted to go the route of being an Operator or a Mechanic during my time as a janitor. That is, until Charles Foster asked me if I would be interested in becoming an Electrician. I had begun my studies to learn about being an electrician when there was an…

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TV…Empty Room…Hiding In A Corner

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Another Shooting, One More Killing
  • Flash-mob-social-media looting
  • Inshallah, guess God is willing
  • For us to hide in a corner
  • Maybe, send us another warner
  • A prophet to prophecise
  • While the profiteers profitize
  • And the racketeers weaponize, everyone
  • As the rationalists recognize
  • Another intense instance
  • Of spiteful resistance
  • Of what has to be
  • Of what must be
  • For one man to endure
  • He has to remain pure
  • And destroy the Melanin
  • His eternal enemy’s friend
  • That is steadily closing in
  • It’s not a wrong or right
  • But visceral strongand mental might
  • Fighting a planet, moon and sun
  • Time is bastingwhite to brown
  • The sun rises to greet sun down
  • Every life has a season
  • Every existence, a timely reason
  • Be honest, stop calling wars, wars
  • Abortions, abortions, shootings, killings
  • As the NaturalBrown Rice
  • Dominates the processed white rice
  • Define these events as they are, Human Sacrifice…R.D.Revilo

there’s more…

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Over the edge…

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It’s the thought that counts

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Green Eyed Chess News: ‘ Check Out My Friend Wayne’s Great Photography ‘

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My friend Wayne, who does the most amazing photography of wildlife and nature, named this beautiful American eagle for me to lift my spirits. And he plugged my blog! Please check out Wayne’s beautiful photos at:

Originally posted on Welcome to Tofino Photography:

20141202-IMG_2026I’ve named this female eagle after a new found friend. Her name is “Chess” & is a writer.
Chess is a romantic writer. Check out her site

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Trenul regal in Mun. Ramnicu Sarat