EIDÔLON | 2014


directed by TK.Kim
danse Valentin Tszin
music Phlippe Alioth


Confess that you have looked many times. In familiar and strange places. In light and darkness. Affirmed and reaffirmed. You are the image of something, of someone. Past and present. Voyager of temporal space. But perhaps the image was ill conceived, a mistake, a distorted recording of reality. The image and the SELF become opposed to one and other. Presenting us with a disturbing and unexpected frankness. The naked self. Divided by an axis; mirror and self, projection and self. Approached, reflected through light, on a plain within a depth of field, the other self. Formed in pixels not substance of flesh and blood. Only the projected is visible. You are the real image. Hiding in the dark. Our image is our SELF, no other shall suffice, to be true, our image and our SELF are one. Perhaps indivisible.


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