Friends at CEPT

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These are two of my CEPT friends who greeted us each time we visited.  The man is one of the guards at the gate. Just as the man was guarding the campus,  the scruffy old dog followed and guarded him at all  times. When the man stood at the gate, so did the old dog. When he sat in the chair , the dog lay at his feet, or they walked side by side. Whenever I didn’t see the dog, I would signal where?  The man would smile, and point to a nearby place  where the old dog was lying in the shade.  The day of our late night flight back home, I told the man that we were leaving for America.  David said don’t be silly, “He sees people come and go all the time,” but the man put his hand over his heart.  He did care.  I shook…

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Thoughts for today …. #67!!

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It Is What It Is

~~December 3, 2014~~ 

Quote by Helen Keller

A little love, a simple act of kindness, a little thank you and many more little things goes a long way in our lives. Really, these little things in life are the big things 




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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Când iarna înflorea lila din şoapta ta

Denisa Aricescu

Când iarna înflorea lila din şoapta ta

Se ghemuise la picioarele ei
şi-i amorţeau gândurile
în liniştea temătoare.
Din părul ei înflorea liliacul violet
când el îşi apropia suav buzele de fiecare fir îngheţat…
Răsărea soarele pe sub fulgii de nea,
iar primăvara îşi deschidea ochii la fiecare atingere…
Ea se temea,
teama îi lega braţele şi o făcea
să-şi piardă îmbrăţişările pe dinăuntru.
Adormise totul sub pleoapele reci.
Drumul către el îi părea necunoscut,
era acoperit de zăpada proaspătă şi neatinsă.
Dintr-un pas, decembrie înflorea zâmbete
Şi le strecura în lumea lor lila.
Ningea peste ei cu dor,
Pe gulerele hainelor,
se scria povestea lor…
Dar ei nu ştiau,
Se scuturau şi îşi zâmbeau,
Timpul vorbea şi-i auzea,
prin fiecare fulg de nea,
ce apărea şi se topea…
Tonul iubirii era viu,
Pe-un portativ liliachiu.

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i was nominated for an award

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Four Rickshaw Drivers

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Here is another of my favorite posts. If you can wade through the 800+ words, you will meet some amazing Indian rickshaw drivers! 

Posted on March 30, 2013by annetbell


From day one in India , we have had a love/hate relationship with the rickshaw/tuk-tuk and  we are still alive after 45 days. I guess we won.   It is cheap transportation…$0.20 for one way to Cept University. The most expensive rides have been $2.00.   Cheap, safe? What is the hate side of the story?  Well it scary, that’s what.  Rickshaws going in all directions. Yes, they scoot in the  wrong way. Cars are on the left side (thank you British) and  rickshaws squirm in and out and sometimes on the wrong side of the wrong side traffic! It is a lot like Mario Cars video game but it is real. I told David I would never criticize his driving…

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night club


Storia illustrata



As a man, I often wonder:

Why should men commit violence against women?

Are we that superior in strength to assert our will against the opposite sex?

Indeed, various thoughts circle in a man’s head. Some are good and some are bad. There are pure feelings and there are insidious temptations. In any event, a conscience exists to forewarn a person that what he was about to do is wrong.

But, what makes a man proceed with his evil intentions?

He has no respect for another person.

If he treats somebody as he treats himself, with dignity and honor, then he will never hurt someone.

He gives in to his savage instincts.

Once reason and sanity leave his mind, he will be prone to rash behavior. He would not even think of the consequences of his action: he will be immune from feeling any guilt.

When confronted with the crime…

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EIDÔLON | 2014


directed by TK.Kim
danse Valentin Tszin
music Phlippe Alioth


Confess that you have looked many times. In familiar and strange places. In light and darkness. Affirmed and reaffirmed. You are the image of something, of someone. Past and present. Voyager of temporal space. But perhaps the image was ill conceived, a mistake, a distorted recording of reality. The image and the SELF become opposed to one and other. Presenting us with a disturbing and unexpected frankness. The naked self. Divided by an axis; mirror and self, projection and self. Approached, reflected through light, on a plain within a depth of field, the other self. Formed in pixels not substance of flesh and blood. Only the projected is visible. You are the real image. Hiding in the dark. Our image is our SELF, no other shall suffice, to be true, our image and our SELF are one. Perhaps indivisible.


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