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#AceFriendsNews Nov.27 – My friend Anne’s Featured Post for Happy Thanks Giving.

Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts


Happy Thanksgiving!  I  just couldn’t resist re-sending you this video which is the living museum presentation  of this 17th  century settlement on the coast of Massachusetts where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.  It is a thirty minute video for you to view as much as you are interested . The village, life style,language, and  clothing are as authentic as possible.  The Pilgrims answer questions in  language appropriate to the 1620s.  A bathroom would be a privy and if you ask about automobiles and or airplanes they react in great confusion because they would not be cognoscente of our culture or  modern day inventions.  I have visited Plimoth on field trips where   some students really get involved and ask questions, enjoying the “living” experience. Plimoth is the spelling of the original settlers, and not a misspelling.

Namaste. .  . . . This Is Plimouth Plantation in 1620s

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Markt onderzoek : Beveiliging en ZZP

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Storia illustrata

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#AceFriendsNews – ‘ Happy Thanksgiving Chess ‘ have a nice one 🙂 Ian


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Bring It On Home

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We are almost there… one more sleep until Friday. How is your week so far?

This storm cell passes over Bramble Bay, Woody Point, Queensland, Australia this afternoon. We were lucky. No damage here but we did get some small hail. Other areas in Brisbane were not so lucky.

Three more days
Girl you know I will be right there by your side, baby
Three more days
Girl you know I will be right there by your side, baby (ref)


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