Când Regina Nopţii îşi legăna parfumul

#AceFriendsNews – A really great post again from a great writer. Thanks Ian 🙂

Denisa Aricescu

Când Regina Nopţii îşi legăna parfumul

Regina Nopţii şi-a dezbrăcat rochia
Sub privirea întunericului.
Întunericul a cuprins-o,
Şi a înfăşurat-o într-o dezmierdare enigmatică…
Dincolo de lumina Lunii,
Dincolo de strălucirea stelelor,
Dincolo de răcoarea şoaptelor apuse,
Dincolo de el şi de tainele lui.
Şi-a desfăcut petalele
Şi s-a lăsat atinsă.
Cât parfum de iubire !

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Power Plant Blackbirds and Smokestack Jumpers — Repost

#AceFriendsNews – I remember the Bird’s vividly. l was scared to death as a young boy, seemed to be so real. Nice post keep reposting and l will keep reblogging. Ian 🙂

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 16, 2013:

Most of us have watched the Alfred Hitchcock Thriller “The Birds” at least once in their life.  When I was young it used to come on TV around Thanksgiving about the same time that Wizard of Oz would rerun.  What a mix of movies to watch after eating turkey in one of our Italian relative’s house in Kansas City as I was growing up.  During those years of sitting passively by watching the birds gang up on the humans, it never occurred to me that some day I might take part in my own private version of “Blackbird Wars” amid the playground equipment found in a typical Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma.

Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds" Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”

A tale like this is best starts out with the line, “It was a cold and windy night…”  That was close.  My story begins with, “It…

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#AceFriendsNews – Paul l love pictures of the snow, do not get a lot in UK. Just makes me like a child again, building snowmen 🙂

La mode et moi

#AceFriendsNews – You make Fashion sound so wonderful, love your research and comments. It is a pleasure to share your posts. Ian 🙂


#AceFriendsNews – Just love your posts and really great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Ian 🙂


We left Brisbane during the G20 for some R&R on the Gold Coast. It’s been over 5 years since our last visit to Coolangatta. The beach is just as gorgeous as ever. Works are under way along the waterfront incorporating al fresco dining and speciality shops. This is exactly what the area needed and we are looking forward to returning once it’s all completed.

Why did the turkey cross the road?

TurkeyTurkey 2

To get to the other side….

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Storia illustrata

#AceFriendsNews – Today’s Every Picture Tells a Storia Illustrata.



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