Post Desabafo – A Dura Semana no Chateau #Hard Week @Chateau

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Chateau do Vinnie

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Férias no Chateau!!! #Vacation Times – Oh Yeah!!!

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Chateau do Vinnie

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stained glass

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9-10 November 1938. Kristallnacht (Vergessen Wir Nicht).

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Attenti al Lupo


November 9-10, 1938.

Let’s not forget the pain and injustice. They do not age.


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Tipologia di uomo n.5: il macigno

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Power Plant Weir Boxes and other Beautiful Sites — Repost

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Power Plant Men

Originally Posted on November 10, 2012:

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” A line from the movie Apocalypse Now, may come to mind when reading the title stating that the Power Plant has sites of beauty. Especially the Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma. What could you find of beauty at a Power plant with a coal pile, and large metal structures?

The answer is found almost everywhere you look. I have mentioned before that the plant property is largely a wildlife preserve. A large man-made lake was constructed on a hill to provide cooling water for the plant condenser. In the process a veritable Shangri-La was created where wildlife could live in peace and comfort protected by the Power Plant Humans that maintained the grounds.

The second and third summers that I worked at the plant as a summer help, in 1980 and 1981, in…

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All 50 States Will See Freezing Temperatures

Lightning Stikes

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A bolt of positive lightning may carry an electric current of 300 kA and the potential at the top of the cloud may exceed a billion volts. (Ref Wikipedia)

These pictures were taken from Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.

Deadly fingers burning white
Booming thunder
Startled fright

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