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It’s Now Possible for One Person’s Brain to Control Another Person’s Movements

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Scientists Discover A VIRUS That Causes Human Stupidity

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“Do you have something for real?”

Totally focused on the flat screen, Rusty could not have guessed that someone was behind him enjoying the only form of entertainment he loved to watch. With headphones attached to his somewhat oversize ears, his world was separated from real time.

The soft tap on his shoulder felt like an electric shock, informing his brain that a customer waited to be served.

“I am sorry,” he removed the headphones quickly, stood up instantly and turned around, all in one swift motion. “Did you say something?”

Wendy smiled, her face lit up when he accidentally tripped going over the counter.

“I want to buy some loaves of bread,” she said, without repeating her first remark.

“Oh, I thought you said something about the video,” he bent down and took a box from the floor. “How many?”

“Three, I think.” She seemed to be in doubt…

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Just days after the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the right of states to define marriage as one man and one woman, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court is being urged to affirm the decision, because if it doesn’t, states might not even be able to regulate the “species” of marriage partners.

“If ‘marriage’ means fulfilling one’s personal choices regarding intimacy, as the appellants insist, it is difficult to see how states could regulate marriage on any basis,” said a friend-of-the-court brief filed in a Louisiana case. “If personal autonomy is the essence of marriage, then not only gender, but also number, familial relationship, and even species are insupportable limits on that principal and they all will fall.

“This is not just a slippery slope on which the appellants wish to set us, it is a bottomless pit into which they desire to throw us. It is clearly within…

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Inspirational Quote of the Day: How to Be the Richest Man

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Remembrance Day in Saskatoon


One Color at a Time- Coloring “The Bride”

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