Concerns-U Food Pantry. . . . The Voices and Faces of Hunger

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My first reaction to this video was tears.  Things often touch my heart first and hardest.  But what happens after the tears dry?  Oh yes, I am a volunteer at Concerns-U, and I have donated food, and money for new children’s coats to ward-off the frigid New York winter.  I am doing more than lots of people, right?   But am I just applying a band-aid on an open wound? As a child, my mama would often remind me that “To whom much is given, much is expected” and I have tried to live by those words.

People will accuse the homeless of selling food to buy  alcohol and drugs. Do they ?    Maybe some of them.Remember the instruction “if a man asks for your shirt,also give him  your coat?” Did you know that some basic supplies can’t be bought from food stamps or  EBT cards?  And I do…

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Evidence of ‘Starquakes’ on Neutron Star

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Dark Matter Space

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An earthquake can be a pretty awe-inspiring natural event – a testament to the sheer power and size of shifting landmass. But what about seismic activity on a star? NASA’s Fermi satellite recently spotted evidence of seismic waves rippling throughout a high-energy neutron star, resulting in an intense “storm” of high-energy blasts.

The star in question, called SGR J1550-5418, is a magnetar – an incredibly dense and highly magnetized neutron star that spins at an exceptionally high speed. The typical neutron star boasts a magnetic pull trillions of times stronger than the Earth’s. A magnetar, by comparison, is about 1,000 times more magnetic than that.

Within the last four decades, only 23 magnetars in all have been identified, and among these stars, only three massive flares have ever been seen. The flares were related to “starquakes,” in which instability of a neutron’s…

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Movie Star

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My friend is a movie star. If she heard me say that she would probably whack me across the arm and say ” a movie extra”, but she’s a “Movie Star” in my eyes.

Last night I was privileged to be invited along to the premier of a movie my friend was an extra in. It was an evening that felt like a comedy that I was playing one of the main characters in.

My day starts with a full appointment book and I had to get away in time to drive to Kangaroo Point in Brisbane City to meet my friend and 2 other girlfriends. From here we planned to depart via taxi to the pre-party, movie premier and after party event.

I get away late to start with but without any delays, I should make it just on time. Recently changing my mobile telephone service provider to another…

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I should be in jail…?

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Stories that Must Not Die

Several arrests have been made recently across the United States related to high school kids who were allegedly plotting to launch violent attacks against their fellow students…

The kids kept detailed journals where they idolized the perpetrators in mass-shootings that came before them.  They had amassed stock piles of weapons and ammunition.  They had, in some instances, procured the items needed to assemble pipe bombs.  And, a few had even picked dates with which they hoped to carry out their assault.

Innocent lives were saved.  The suspects were caught in time to perhaps turn their own lives around through intervention and rehabilitation.  This is a win-win.

So, why is it, then, that these cases don’t sit well with me?  They make me nervous.  They make me uncomfortable.

Part of it is that I currently know someone in jail who has written to me about the conditions there.  The inmates are…

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My Search for Bagels in BCN

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The Family Sangria

Each morning, by 7, there would be a line out the door of the bakery across the street. Forn de Pan. People would be rubbing their eyes and skimming La Vanguardia for whatever scandal the king was getting into. The customers would walk out with bags of baguettes or pastries for breakfast. Bars would turn their lights back on around the same time. The usuals would pop on in and order an espresso and talk about how they slept, over a plate of eggs and red sausage and baked beans.


That seemed to be the only option for breakfast throughout Barcelona. Really sweet. Like a dessert. Or really salty. Like a dinner. There didn’t seem to be an inbetween.

My morning routine palate started to miss the treat of those bagels my mom would drive an hour away to buy. Where they had lines as long as those for the…

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