non homologué (photo issue d’une vidéo à venir)

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When The Children Are Happy

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  • Abby Martin: Welcome To Breaking The Set
  • Our guest, RD Revilo, Welcome RD
  • I am happy to have you on my show
  • RD: Thank you, glad to be here, remotely
  • With you Abby
  • AM: You bet, how’s your curiosity beast today
  • RD: Don’t know haven’t fed him yet, he’s drooling
  • Feeds on information, needs constant schooling, I…
  • AM: We just got back election results
  • Any change coming, if not, why…
  • RD: No, there are two high sciences coercing us to comply…
    AM: And they are
  • RD: Economics and fear
  • AM: Fear, ok, why economics
  • RD: They both feed off each other’s defecation…
  • AM: Well explain that situation
  • I don’t get it yet
  • RD: We are born in the trauma of wanting
  • Crying for needs to be met
  • This is fear and economics in cooperation
  • As people lose ownership of resources to corporations
  • They are being maneuvered right back…
  • AM:…

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Writing Lessons We Can Learn From HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

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Let The Word Go Forth

I have lost all respect for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

In eight previous stellar seasons, they’ve only awarded the CBS smash hit TV show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Emmys in technical categories  (cinematography, editing, makeup, etc.).

They’ve never ONCE nominated the show for a writing award. Not once.

How is this possible?

The only above-the-line (ie, creative) person who has consistently earned Emmy nominations is Neil Patrick Harris, for playing the irrepressible Barney Stinson–and even he has never won. (Seriously, people, what’s up with that?) As a die-hard HIMYM fan, I know he’s deserved to–multiple times. (It’s especially sad because he’s won Emmys for HOSTING awards shows–just not for, you know, being an actor. Unbelievable.)

So if the (cough, cough) esteemed Academy (along with lesser lights such as the Golden Globes) can’t seem to get excited about the writing of a hit show that’s run nine…

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To start the day …. “Tierra del Olvido”!!

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It Is What It Is

~~November 8, 2014~~ 


Playing for Change is a multimedia music project, created by the American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson with his Timeless Media Group, that seeks to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. Playing For Change also created a separate non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation, which builds music schools for children around the world.



Playing For Change was born in 2002 as a shared vision between co-founders, Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke, to hit the streets of America with a mobile recording studio and cameras in search of inspiration and the heartbeat of the people. Producers Mark Johnson and Enzo Buono, traveled around the world to places including New Orleans, Barcelona, South Africa, India, Nepal, the Middle East and Ireland.

Using mobile recording equipment, the duo recorded local musicians performing the same song, interpreted in their own style. Among the artists participating or…

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Glasgow Rangers fans unfurl classy banner against Falkirk for Remembrance Day

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Mechanic Killed By Rolling Car While Trying To Fix It


Storia illustrata

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