Monochrome Monday: Descent to the Ocean

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On our scuba-diving holiday in Jardines de la Reina (Cuba), we were lucky to saw a freediving action by a world champion freediver Guillaume Néry diving descent to the ocean. It was an awesome sight  and a special one as well to witnessed how he went down to the deep ocean by holding his breath without using any breathing apparatus.  Guillaume Néry was staying on the same area for a documentary film on the freediver. Jardines de la Reina was known for sharks diving destination. During our dive there, we were easily spotted tens of sharks at the same dive site. Freediver and sharks were certainly an interesting combination for a documentary.

Freediver in Bali

It was not the first time I saw a freediver swimming descent to the ocean during my dive. Freedivers and scuba divers are sometimes sharing similar dive spot. In Bali I saw a freediver descent in the…

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