#whatsgood is local united way is showing support

Audio SeXXX

So I hooked applebess and now the local unitedway this is awesome would you like help promote twitter,instagram and facebook to talk #whatsgood in their lives?: http://youtu.be/VYCP1wr9cGk



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Inside NO HERO by Mark Owen


This could be the future of virtual reality


Pushbullet’s updated Chrome extension lets Android users send texts from a computer

#ACSN2014 – How safe will your data be ?


Long before iPhones, iPads and Macs worked together for text messages, several Android apps had similar functionality. One of the more popular ones, Pushbullet, let you reply to messages in your browser. Now the app has an updated Chrome extension so that you can initiate new text conversations from Chrome.

You’ll need the Pushbullet app installed on your Android phone of course, and the latest version of the Chrome extension, found in the Chrome Web Store. At that point, sending an SMS is just a tap or two away. The software is smart enough to auto-complete contact information if you allow access to your digital Rolodex, but that’s an option you can disable.

pushbullet autocomplete

Since the text is actually sent through your Android phone, your recipients will see your name or number as the message originator. The entire text thread is also available on your handset so you can…

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Rainfall warning in effect for North Vancouver, Howe Sound


Ex-NFL cheerleader accused of raping teen boy


MP Dean Del Mastro resigns seat in House of Commons


Police uncover suspected cop killer’s trove of survival supplies


The Won

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THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Victory Seldom Ever Comes Whole
  • Pieces, here, fragments there
  • Feeling, earned, being stole
  • Feeling, free, being paroled
  • Sometimes to share
  • As an opportunity, or a dare
  • But you know the One
  • Bright as the Sun
  • It’s a ringtone
  • Hear it
  • It starts within the spirit
  • Can’t stop crying
  • Inspires trying
  • Making you shout
  • Making you dance
  • Never weary
  • Joyfully teary
  • Victory, as a team
  • Or alone
  • Born, as a visionary dream
  • Adorned with disappointment
  • Blessedby Failure’s anointment
  • Ringing a ringtone
  • A Shofar, ram’s horn, blown
  • A Yahweh so strong
  • An Allah neverwrong
  • An Amen, Found
  • In the Darknessalone
  • The very firstsound
  • Of Victory, was a ringtone
  • Exploding on its own
  • We are its testimony
  • The evidence of Victory
  • I’ve said my best
  • Let your Life testify the rest…R.D.Revilo

can there be a better testimony than your Life, yes, it will be heard through those you touch and leave…

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Monochrome Monday: Descent to the Ocean

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indahs: dive, travel & photography

On our scuba-diving holiday in Jardines de la Reina (Cuba), we were lucky to saw a freediving action by a world champion freediver Guillaume Néry diving descent to the ocean. It was an awesome sight  and a special one as well to witnessed how he went down to the deep ocean by holding his breath without using any breathing apparatus.  Guillaume Néry was staying on the same area for a documentary film on the freediver. Jardines de la Reina was known for sharks diving destination. During our dive there, we were easily spotted tens of sharks at the same dive site. Freediver and sharks were certainly an interesting combination for a documentary.

Freediver in Bali

It was not the first time I saw a freediver swimming descent to the ocean during my dive. Freedivers and scuba divers are sometimes sharing similar dive spot. In Bali I saw a freediver descent in the…

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