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Cooperative Rebellion

#AceFriendsNews – Nice post relevant as Control of the Masses lays Uppermost in the Mind’s of Governments!

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • These Corporations Are Fascist Military Operations
  • Stealing control of resources in the name of profit
  • Run as well managed, civilian clothed, military outfits
  • Headed by avatars, psychopaths, and rear enders
  • Like cyborgs, compunctionless, implementing agendas
  • People are dysfunctional, cogs, whose willsthey must defeat
  • Progress is efficiency, coercive, technology, Humans becoming obsolete
  • For the company’s needs outweigh Humanity
  • Its desire for survival, postures sainthood, but breaches sanity
  • Nations are conspired, coagulated corporations
  • Avatar, alien boards driven, terrestrial space stations
  • Ran to create wealth by consuming abundance
  • In exchange for defecating mere pittance and redundant
  • Life, flourishing, colorful, now frail and pale
  • Only the Human Family is precious, too big to fail…R.D.Revilo

don’t be fooled, government is an agency, meaning it does something on another’s behalf…it is the people behind the government, the fascists, who are the real danger…Conscious Thought: Intelligent Awareness, by RD Revilo…at or Barnes…

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Post 572: the lion sleeps tonight

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weggieboy's blog

There aresongs that set me on edge. Perhaps they played 2397 times too often on the radio when they first came out or they just have some compelling hook that turns them into torment, that song you can’t get out of your head. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is one such song. Click on the link at your own peril!

When I come across one of my boys sleeping, that awful song often comes to mind : They remind me of mini-lions!Less stressful, Andy loves to sleep in the cat tree tube by my bedroom door. I like it when he does because he becomes easier to “capture” to give him his medicine. He likes the tubebecause of, well, “cat reasons”!

How he scrunches himself into a ball in this narrow tube, I'll never know. Ity's one of those cat secrets. Oh, to be so cute and so flexible! How he scrunches himself into a ball in this narrow tube, I’ll never know. It’s one of those cat secrets. Oh, to be cute and so flexible! There’s a tail…

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Storm Season

#AceFriendsNews – Just love the sound of rain on the windows, when you are tucked up nice and cosy inside. 🙂


Don’t you love a good lightning storm? I have always enjoyed storms. My skins prickles up just as it did when I was a child.

From Woody Point, Queensland, Australia you can watch the storms roll in from the west, over Brisbane City and out into Moreton Bay. Positioning yourself out on the jetty to take photographs is a gamble as there is very little shelter. If it pours down, you’re going to get wet.

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Tipologia di uomo n.4: il boomerang

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Când se iubeau dincolo de timp

#ACSN2014 – Beautiful Words from a Beautiful Writer.

Denisa Aricescu

Când se iubeau dincolo de timp

S-a născut într-o zi de primăvară,
A desfăcut nodul amintirilor
Şi a lăsat timpul să-i stea aproape.
Nu s-a temut,
Şi-a alungat teama
Când fiecare gând de-al lui
O mângâia şi-i aducea lumina zilelor
din stropii întunecaţi care picurau cu repeziciune
peste geamurile-n care
se oglindea fericirea în mersul grăbit
pe strada clipelor răsfirate.
A crescut în braţele lui
Şi s-a regăsit…
Cu cei 11 paşi parcurşi,
Cu cele 11 zâmbete ale lui,
Cu cei 11 nori pe care pluteau,
Cu cele 11 priviri pătrunzătoare,
Cu cei 11 copăcei desenaţi din dragoste,
Cu cele 11 dansuri ale Lunii
Cu cele 11 linii ale pasiunii parcuse de şoaptele lor.
De 11 ori şi-au spus “Te iubesc”,
Când două uşi se deschideau simultan la 11:11.
Atunci era
Ora în care se preda iubirea,
În cea de-a 11-a lună
Când ea adormea într-un gând
şi el…

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winter in october…first snowman !

#AceFriendsNews- Paul’s First Snowman of the Winter!

Is there dust in heaven? plus more musings

#AceFriendsNews – What is your opinion of Heaven?


The other day my mom said “I hope there is no dust in heaven.”  To that I said, isn’t heaven supposed to be perfect?  How can there be dust in heaven if heaven is perfect?  Plus we don’t know how heaven is physically.  Aren’t we outside of our bodies in heaven?  Aren’t we in heaven in spirit only?  I don’t know.  What are your thoughts on heaven?

Right now due to circumstances I am living with my parents apart from my husband.  I don’t want to be but maybe that is best for me and for us for now.  Kevin and I are rebuilding.  I think it is good that I am able to spend time with my parents, especially my mom since she is having trouble with her health.  This also gives me time to focus on me and I think I need that for now.  It is so…

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Power Plant Music To My Ears

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Power Plant Men

I’m sure just about everyone does this.  When they look at someone, they occasionally hear music.  Some sort of song that is inspired by the person.  For instance when I look at my mom, I suddenly begin to hear Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (sorry about the advertisements.  Nothing I can do about that).

For those with older browsers that are not able to view video links, I will include the link below the video:  Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

A few years ago when I was working for Dell, after I had given a thumb drive loaded with the songs I liked to listen to, to a friend of mine, Nina Richburg, when she left our team, she came up to me later and said she had never heard such an eclectic selection of music before.  I told her I knew what she meant.  I had included classical, rock and roll…

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