Power Plant Music To My Ears

#AceFriendsNews – Nice post my mother reminds me of two little boys have too little toys! 🙂

Power Plant Men

I’m sure just about everyone does this.  When they look at someone, they occasionally hear music.  Some sort of song that is inspired by the person.  For instance when I look at my mom, I suddenly begin to hear Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (sorry about the advertisements.  Nothing I can do about that).

For those with older browsers that are not able to view video links, I will include the link below the video:  Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

A few years ago when I was working for Dell, after I had given a thumb drive loaded with the songs I liked to listen to, to a friend of mine, Nina Richburg, when she left our team, she came up to me later and said she had never heard such an eclectic selection of music before.  I told her I knew what she meant.  I had included classical, rock and roll…

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first snow in bucharest october 25th (4:30pm)

#AceFriendsNews – First Snow in Bucharest on October 25. Is that early Paul or unusual ?

Arte de Rua de #Pejac Spanish Street Artist

#ACSN2014 – Nice Vinnie 🙂

As impactantes fotografias de um jovem fotógrafo que seguiu seus sonhos #meet Kyle Thompson Amazing Photografer

#ACSN2014 – Amazing Pictures Vinnie 🙂

Chateau do Vinnie

As impactantes fotografias de um jovem fotógrafo que seguiu seus sonhos

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Storia illustrata

#ACSN2014 – Love Black and White Photographs – Nice hint of colour 🙂


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Darts Practice & Half and Half Insanity.

David thanks for visiting and the like on my Ace News Room post. Just love this post of your had to reblog on friends news. So many of the things about emails and things remind me of me. Thanks again and bye for now. Ian



I managed a 4.56 am today which means I slept almost 4 hours. Wow, aren’t you all jealous? ( Sorry, just stopped to wipe the sarcasm off my chin ). Usually I’m quite happy with that and I was at first, but the longer I was up the tireder (more tired ) I got.  After the usual trip to the loo I got to work on the emails. When you first look it seems to be OK but after an hour they don’t seem to be any less and if you press the refresh button OMG I swear you get more than the load you just did. It’s self-perpetuating. I’m sure Confucius must have pronounced on it at some stage, Email have veritable life of their own, If you not watch, they breed behind scenes.  I’m sure General Sun Tzu would have also had wise words about defence…

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In Memoriam of a Great Blogger and a Beautiful Man

#ACSN2014 – RIP Ajaytao Carry on Blogging in Heaven 🙂