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“She serene me with the sweet words of love”


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My Scottish beauty. My Scottish beauty.

She serene me with the sweet words of love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words of love leave us weak and needing more.


                                She serene me with the sweet words of love

Sometime we shroud ourselves in things we shouldn’t have.
Torrent love flames will become weaker and you must have something else to hold on to.

Sweet love.
Torturing love.
Allow me to fall into the bosom of paradise.
Swim into warm and deep rivers of secret places.

I remember her.
Wearing garments of thin clothing of soft silk and holding me tightly into the midnight hours.
I wanted to keep the love alive. Fasting till we found  the places where real lovers go.

She embraced me. The heat of her soft skin bringing me into desire and madness.
She kissed me hard and long. Making me weak and to desire more.
She whispered softly…

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Chuq’s Musical Interlude

#ACSN2014 – Have a nice day 🙂

In Saner Thought

I will take a rest today…..but I want to leave my readers with a lottle something………………….

Yes contrary to popular Chuq does listen to music……he has not yet jumped on the modern day definition of the term….he prefers classics….I have included a few of my play list that keeps me comfortable in my days of research and ranting……enjoy.

Hope everyone enjoyed the musical interlude…..on to the weekend………chuq

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Arte de Rua em Águeda Portugal #Umbrellas Float Above The Streets #Art4All

#ACSN2014 – Nice one Vinnie. Spent sometime in Portugal back in 1996 – just loved the place, food and people.

Cemiterio de Embarcações #IT IS NOT BERMUDA TRIANGLE – Where Old Ships Go To Die

#ACSN2014 – Really nice take on Moreton Island, Australia Vinnie 🙂