Numărătoarea cuvintelor

Denisa Aricescu

Numărătoarea cuvintelor

Cinci cuvinte vorbesc între ele.
Patru te cheamă la mine.
Trei aleargă tăcute.
Două dispar,
Mă iubeşti
Mereu mai mult,
Dispare ceaţa din gânduri.
Sunt fericită în braţele tale.

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#ACSN2014 – Nice one Jinx 🙂

Here are 10 awesome photos of the ‘blood moon’ eclipse


Domestic Terminal Fashion

#ACSN2014 – Nice Travel Pictures 🙂


Welcome to the Brisbane Airport – Domestic Terminal Fashion Runway.  We like to travel in comfort.

And the prestigious award of Best Dressed Domestic Traveller goes to this young chap.

Fashion Winner

I thought I would have a bit of fun and take some snaps while I was enjoying a coffee waiting for MM’s plane to land. Have you been to the airport recently for a photo shoot? My activities caught the attention of security and I could feel the eyes boring into me. The agents came in all disguises from the guy in a black suit, black sunglasses and hiding behind a pole, to the baggy shorts and floral shirt dude. Once upon a time I would have taken their photo just to see what would happen… Luckily I have grown up.. but the thought did cross my mind. Deciding MM wouldn’t be so please to arrive at the airport to find…

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Don’t panic! There’s a Dad’s Army movie on the way and the cast is amazing




“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.” ― Alan Wilson Watts, Cloud-hidden, Whereabouts Unknown

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oct14. Kobe, Japan.

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