Will You? || Journal Poetry

A Shade Of Pen

Almost everyone I met

Left me stranded

Today, as I look at you;

I am scared

History once again would repeat

People always found it easy to

Let me go

Perhaps, because there was never 

Anything in me that was worthwhile

Enough to make people


I am so tired of the game

I want to hang the boots and 

Call it quits

Yet, every time I look at you

I want to believe

Exception exists

You won’t be the history

That scares me and 

This scares me a lot

I am so tired of 

Rising and dashing of hopes

That I myself do not know

What scares me

Trust me enough 

To let me trust myself

Before, it gets too late

Because, I’ve been lost so many times

That being lost often feels like home

Be the paradise

I thought I can never have

I am a wreck


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