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The 10 Worst Things Ever Said On Fox News

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Although Fox News presents a myriad of offensive, racist, bigoted comments on a daily basis, I’m going to attempt the impossible by narrowing them down to a simple 10-point list. Enjoy.

10. Bob Beckel on The Five: “I would not have another mosque built in this country until we got it worked out who was not a           terrorist”.—–Then should we not have another church built until we have it worked out who is not in the KKK?

9. Lauren Green, when interviewing Reza Aslan, a religious historian with expertise in the New Testament: “But why would a Muslim write about Jesus?”—–She’s probably thinking, “Well here at Fox News all we do is spew bias and propaganda, so he must too!”

8. Megyn Kelly: “Kids, Santa Claus just is white, ok?”—–Yes. Santa Claus, a fictional character based off of someone from the Middle East just is…

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Tree of Life

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Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.. Perfection to own self is the perfection of me.. Perfect is nothing that’s just how it’s to be.. Acceptance of a warrior the resilience ready to conquer the strength of own self Concord acceptance of own self now a Warrior survivor independent of Cancer. Strength as a strong woman independence is the freedom of choice..
Warrior to Conqueror every day one day at a time don’t have sympathy I don’t want your empathy.. I’m a warrior strength is my gain my independence of cancer that’s my physical my conceptual is the strength of a system…
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Terra sem Homens

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Godinterest – Behind Every Picture, There’s A Story

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There in the shadows God is spurring us on, but warning us of those that would leads us astray!
He neither wants or requires us to do anything for him except, and only show by his love, show action of our own deeds, in caring for others.
Now and Everyday! God Bless the Smile and the Story told.
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Godinterest Blog

There’s a story, behind every picture, isn’t it obvious, considering that when we take pictures we want to seize that particular moment, whether that be a family photo or just a situation that you find interesting and intriguing.

All over the world and every day and every minute there is a photo somewhere being taken and each and every one of those photos, like the moment it captures, has a story.

The story maybe brief, or it may be long, or maybe not even known. The picture might even show its story, or hints of what it could be, but then maybe what is shown is not really true. None the less, for some reason we have taken these pictures, we show them, or hide them away, post them for others to see on Godinterest, and sometimes we wait to see what other people may say.

People often say that a picture is worth…

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Storia illustrata


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