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Verlo Mattress Factory donation brings a comfort of home to “Transplant Homes”


MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A big donation was made on Friday, September 26th to a program that tries to bring the comforts of home to family members who have someone in the hospital.

The program is called “Transplant Homes.” It’s a place for families awaiting life-saving transplant surgeries at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.

On Friday, Verlo Mattress Factory donated eight new mattresses to the program. Now people staying at the facility know they have a comfortable place to sleep.

“I think it’s awesome cause you know what after spending a long day in the hospital every day with your loved ones you need that good night’s sleep, you need to have the strength and energy to keep up their strength and energy,” said Amanda Kelleher, whose husband is in the hospital.

There is a small fee for people to use the “Transplant Homes” program, but it’s free if they cannot…

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Your iPhone 6 can still be tracked despite increased iOS 8 privacy features


User privacy is a product feature Apple has been heavily advertising recently and it’s been making sure customers know their data is safe… but that doesn’t mean advertisers and retailers won’t still be able to track some Apple device users. For example, even if you use an iOS 8 privacy feature called MAC address spoofing that was designed to stop advertisers from tracking you, you still aren’t necessarily safe from marketers’ prying eyes.

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Top 10 Sustainable Homes


Nowadays sustainability is an important and interesting topic in many areas. The widespread conversation on sustainability also opens the door to a broad array of ecological approaches in architecture.


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Hero rats sniff out landmines and TB to save lives


(CNN) – Traditionally, you wouldn’t gift someone a rat — not someone you like, anyway. And even if a gift-wrapped rodent was in the cards, you’d likely shy away from the giant African pouched rat, which — as the name suggests — is rather large (think cat-sized).

Tanzania-based NGO Apopo, however, thinks rats make excellent gifts. So much so that they’ve launched an adopt-a-rat program, which allows participants to sponsor the animal.

“It’s great for the giving season. It also works on Valentine’s Day. Many people love to give their love, er, a rat,” says Bart Weetjens, Apopo’s founder.

Despite the creatures’ reputation for thieving and spreading disease, Weetjens has proven that rats can be every bit as heroic as people. Contrary to public opinion, rats can actually save lives — Apopo’s rats have actually saved thousands.

From vermin to heroes

Weetjens’ rodents have many talents. Mostly, though, they are…

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Is it glamourous to be a victim?


These days there are two kinds of women who are victims. One is the woman who has been sexually molested. The other are women who have been in a battering situation. Both type of woman has been violated. The violation is physical and emotional and mental.

The first time a man hits a woman, she is in shock. She can’t believe this person she loves would have raised his hand and hit her. Hit her so hard her lip bled and her jaw cracked. The pain is excruciating. He is screaming at her and calling her stupid and ugly. Her mind freezes. This is a nightmare. She must be dreaming. She must. This can’t really be happening.

When a woman is a victim or rape or molestation, the man and society often try to tell her it is her own fault. She shouldn’t have been where she was, her skirt…

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