#PerturbateursEndocriniens: des documents exclusifs éclairent la guerre de #lobbying à #Bruxelles


Verlo Mattress Factory donation brings a comfort of home to “Transplant Homes”


Your iPhone 6 can still be tracked despite increased iOS 8 privacy features


Top 10 Sustainable Homes


Nowadays sustainability is an important and interesting topic in many areas. The widespread conversation on sustainability also opens the door to a broad array of ecological approaches in architecture.


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Hero rats sniff out landmines and TB to save lives


Is it glamourous to be a victim?


These days there are two kinds of women who are victims. One is the woman who has been sexually molested. The other are women who have been in a battering situation. Both type of woman has been violated. The violation is physical and emotional and mental.

The first time a man hits a woman, she is in shock. She can’t believe this person she loves would have raised his hand and hit her. Hit her so hard her lip bled and her jaw cracked. The pain is excruciating. He is screaming at her and calling her stupid and ugly. Her mind freezes. This is a nightmare. She must be dreaming. She must. This can’t really be happening.

When a woman is a victim or rape or molestation, the man and society often try to tell her it is her own fault. She shouldn’t have been where she was, her skirt…

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