90-year old Hutsul lays out a tryzub on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains

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An interesting fact!

The late upivets [former UPA member], the 90-year-old Hutsul Anastasius Kozak laid out the national symbol of Ukraine – the tryzub [trident] on the slopes of the Carpathian mountains, which is visible from space.

He carried the stones up Mount Kozak with his own hands in an ordinary grocery bag where he placed 10-12 pounds of the whitest marble rock. From the quarry to the hill where the trident was to be placed, one must cover almost a kilometer. Over the summer, the former upivets carried more than a truckload of stone up the mountain.

According to the author himself, with his act, he pays tribute to the memory of his dead colleagues from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!

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