Femen, Don’t Flash For me.

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Femen in Istanbul Femen in Istanbul

Feminism is a divisive and divided school. As if we don’t already have to deal with the omnipresent shackles of patriarchy, we also have to cope with our own sectarian battles. Even at our Anti-Sexism Society at University there are divides. Perhaps it’s only natural. After all, how do you go about building a cohesive movement which is meant to cater to over half the population of the world? The answer is, with difficulty.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that feminism should be flexible and inclusive. We should be able to embrace the likes of Beyoncé into our collective bosom. We should never be dogmatic. Feminism has to be molded around the lives, needs, and wants of women. A banal point perhaps, but it’s easy to lose sight of in a cacophony of theoretical debate.

Having said this, we don’t have to claim every…

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