“Banning Word of ALLAH is Liking Banning Word of GOD” Reports AceWorldNews

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imageedit_2_2250760853AceWorldNews: South East Asia News      September 18, 2014

The following article was written by AceWorldNews and isn’t about religious beliefs but about censorship and the absurdity of what is being done in Malaysia.

For long, Malaysia has been a multi-religious country where most people can adhere to their own religion even though Islam is the official religion. A state with a history of its diverse faith followers that lived in peace with each other. However, recent years have seen a drastic rise in growing intolerance towards the religious and ethnic minorities.

In recent developments, are the infamous Malay Court Ban limiting the use of the Arabic word Allah for Muslims “ONLY.

The country has come under fire for its systematic evidence of targeting Christian community; the church burnings, grave desecration and the seizure of 300 Bibles. This Bible raid was justified under the Court ruling as it contained the…

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Pippakin Talks Cats, Dogs, Teeth and Claws

They were. This is the best advert for Iran I have seen in years, probably since the shar was sent packing.

What I see when I watch this video is a group of young people having fun they’ve shed the miles of rags and are, far from disgracing Iran, having a bit of a gentle laugh at some of our western methods and habits. Too much make up? Well, some of our young people do make that mistake from time to time. A hint of over enthusiasm in the ‘do your back in dance routines’? Weel, its not unknown here.

All of the team look to be happy well adjusted people who have apparently grown up in strong loving families which is what has given them the confidence to look outward and find some of the things they see funny. We should all be so well adjusted.

But! What do…

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