On Being a Sex Worker in Pakistan

Greater Writer and Researcher Well Worth Reading #MustRead #AN&V2014

The Human Lens

 “What’s a few hours job for a few thousands rupees. Yes, I am a sinner, but am better then those who hide the very fact that they buy me for their lust. “

Pakistan, a turbulent country, where Taliban militants have waged guerilla war against the civilian population and government for enforcement of their Sharia, 26-year-old Heena*, clad in full-face veil, reaches in front of Jinnah Garden everyday in the evening.

As soon as she arrives, there is a bustle of cars and motorcycles at the entrance of Model Town Park, Lahore. She spends nearly 15-20 minutes in negotiations before embarking in her chosen client’s vehicle. The pick and drop is the responsibility of her client.

The first time Heena* had  sex, it was a horrifying experience but in these ten years she has finally over come her misgivings.  Today. She says that, “What’s a few hours job for…

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