Sex Slaves on Sale in Dubai

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The Human Lens

The first time, she herself was present in the room and made us do what the clients wanted. We were raped in front of her, with her assistance” — trafficked teen, Kanwal.

Pakistan has long been an important source of cheap labour for the Gulf state, particularly its booming construction sector. But there are growing concerns of another type of labor, forced sex trafficking of the under age girls that goes on as we speak.

The rights campaigners and reluctant officials say that hundreds of young Pakistani women are trafficked every year to supply the thriving sex trade in the brothels and nightclubs of Dubai. Innocent girls stuck in poverty cycles at home get tricked into lucrative jobs such as working in beauty and cosmetics industry, saloons etc.

Sana and her sister Kanwal were two such girls hailing from the southern Punjab province.

It all started when a “city lady”…

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Jews & Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies

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The Human Lens


I just stumbled upon a fellow wordpress blogger’s page to and saw an encouraging article ( that inspired me for this posting.

Not taking away the writer’s credit, at all but for most Muslims that are currently very saddened, dejected and angry at all the violence happening in the Muslim world, at a time of the most holy month of Ramadan, let’s take some hope from this community of Jews and Arabs against the hate and incitement.

Check out their facebook page and updates, support the voice of reason and peace, the struggle for mutual understanding and coexistence at

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Rafeef Ziadah’s Shades of Anger

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On Being a Sex Worker in Pakistan

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The Human Lens

 “What’s a few hours job for a few thousands rupees. Yes, I am a sinner, but am better then those who hide the very fact that they buy me for their lust. “

Pakistan, a turbulent country, where Taliban militants have waged guerilla war against the civilian population and government for enforcement of their Sharia, 26-year-old Heena*, clad in full-face veil, reaches in front of Jinnah Garden everyday in the evening.

As soon as she arrives, there is a bustle of cars and motorcycles at the entrance of Model Town Park, Lahore. She spends nearly 15-20 minutes in negotiations before embarking in her chosen client’s vehicle. The pick and drop is the responsibility of her client.

The first time Heena* had  sex, it was a horrifying experience but in these ten years she has finally over come her misgivings.  Today. She says that, “What’s a few hours job for…

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