This Man Was Obama’s Chief of Staff: Crony Capitalism, U.S. Style


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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who used to be Presidential Chief of Staff Emanuel, has a slight ethics problem (boldface mine):

Months after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said budget constraints forced him to push for pension cuts and mass school closures, an analysis of government documents reveals the city has $1.71 billion in special accounts often used to finance corporate subsidies. While the Emanuel administration has rejected open records requests for details of the subsidies, evidence suggests at least some of them have flowed to companies connected to Emanuel’s campaign donors

In 2013, as Emanuel was pushing to spend $125 million of taxpayer money on a stadium development deal for a private university, the mayor said the need for budget savings compelled him to order the largest public school closing in American history. The budget mandating those school closures included a $68 million cut to classroom programs….


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Did Robin Williams frighten you?

Opinion News and Views Thoughts on Robin Williams RIP #AN&V2014

Syrian Army Kills Saudis, Libyans, Terrorist Commanders across Country ~ Iraqi Forces killed Daesh-IS Commander in Al-Anbar Province

#Syria News and Views from Free Press #AN&V2014

the real Syrian Free Press


Syrian Arab Army Kills Saudis, Libyans, Terrorist & Commanders across Country

The Syrian Arab Army killed on Tuesday the al-Nusra commander in al-Zabadani and another terrorist commander in Qalamoun area, in the context of its anti-terrorists operations across the country.

The Syrian military launched large-scale operations in  Hamah, Idleb, Daraa, Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, killing dozens of terrorists including many Saudis and Libyans.


Iraqi security forces killed dozens of Takfiri mercenaries, including a notorious Daesh-IS commander, in the Western parts of Iraq.

Nabhan Hamid Jabar Al-Jamili, a senior commander of Daesh-ISIL, the Islamic State of (Apes) of Iraq and the Levant, was killed in Al-Karameh region of Al-Anbar province in Western Iraq on Sunday.

Al-Jamili and his gangsters had claimed responsibility for the raping 60 teenage girls in Al-Sabihat, Al-Lahib and Albu Khanfar villages in Al-Karameh region, Al-Youm Al-Samen news website quoted an Iraqi security official as saying on Sunday.

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Which Companies Invest In Gaza Violence? Russell Brand The Trews (E122)

Russell Brands News and Views on Gaza !

Kurdish Mobilization for the Murdered Girl

Story of Honour Killing in Dohuk!

Sweden and the Middle East Views



A few days ago the horrifying news about a young girl who was the victim of a honourkilling in Dohuk in Northern Kurdistan spread over the world. Dunya, a 15-year-old girl who was in an arranged marriage with a 45-year-old man, according to his name was Sleman Ziad Younis, had been killed by him and the photos of her mutilated body filled the internet.

These news are unfortunately not rare in Kurdistan. Violence against women is a wide spread phenomenon – I dare saying this as I have worked with women’s rights issues in the region – and many of these crimes are swept under the rug and forgotten. Only in 2011 domestic violence became illegal in Kurdistan and even though this legal change marked a great step forward, the process of actually implementing the law and change attitudes is very long, as always when a society is in a process…

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ISIS Seizing Women’s Rights NGO Office in Iraq

Report from the front-line in Sinjar !

Sweden and the Middle East Views

Hi Jenny, How are you? Our office in Sinjar is occupied by ISIS since last night.

It was my friend Abdulrahman Ali, one of the founders of the women’s rights NGO and magazine Warvin foundation in Iraqi Kurdistan, who contacted me Sunday night with the dangerous news.

In Sinjar Warvin had a small office with few number of staff who were running a project for war widows. Warvin Foundation is one of the most outspoken women’s rights NGOs in Iraq and are, as most women’s rights NGOs in the country, threatened from time to time. But this Sunday night things became extremely dangerous as rule of law seized to exist, in the small town in Mosul province. ISIS had already previously threatened all people dealing with women’s rights issues in Mosul. Warvin’s staff, usually so daring, realized the only thing they could do was to flee.

“(The staff of…

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How Do You Become an ISIS Terrorist?

Another bloggers’ point of view! What is yours ?

Sweden and the Middle East Views

ISIS or ISIL or IS – they are so creative in their name changings, I have to give them that – has startled the whole world it seems with their ambitious brutality. The Iraqi military just gave up their weapons and ran, despite the years and years of trainings from American experts, trying to compensate their invasion. The Kurdish Peshmerga tried to hold the fort but failed. But should we really have been so surprised?

I won’t discuss what a failure it is for Iraqi intelligence not to recognize the threat of ISIS, nor will I discuss the exclusion of minorities from the Iraqi government and the consequences it has had. This blog post will go back in time, and ask how these young men became ISIS terrorists in the first place.

How can a normal human being become attracted to such a merciless, murderous organization with no respect for…

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