This Coffee Shop is Staffed By Homeless People — And It’s Working


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October 14, 2012

This Coffee Shop is Staffed By Homeless People — And It’s Working

By Scott Keyes This Coffee Shop is Staffed By Homeless People — And It’s Working

Getting a job can be difficult for anyone in our nation’s ongoing employment slump. For every job opening, there are currently more than three unemployed people looking for work. And those already-difficult odds are significantly exacerbated for job applicants who can’t afford a home.

“If you’ve been homeless and have a gap on your resume, people don’t give you a chance,” Seth Kelley, co-founder of RedTail Coffee in Fort Collins, told ThinkProgress by phone. “It’s a cycle that’s really hard to shake.”

That’s why Seth, along with his wife Kelly, opened RedTail Coffee in May: to provide job opportunities to homeless and low-income applicants.

The coffee shop is located alongside a new housing development that’s being built for…

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Joan Rivers: Why Robin Williams Was a Great Red Carpet Interview

Joan Rivers on Robin Williams Interview on the Red Carpet. #AN&V2014

Ford wants low taxes, more subways – offers no plan to fund them


Global News

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford promised to keep property taxes “well below” the rate of inflation while building more subways should he be re-elected in October.

It isn’t clear how he intends to do that, especially after voting for a Scarborough subway that will cost Toronto taxpayers at least $1 billion in tax increases over three decades.

During an afternoon press conference Tuesday at his Etobicoke campaign office, Ford pledged his property tax increases will be well below the rate of inflation, which he pegged at approximately 2.5 per cent. (Toronto’s inflation rate has actually been significantly lower over the past couple of years. And annual property tax increases, while much lower than previous mayors’ have been about even with inflation)

“Today I’m committing to keeping your taxes much lower than the rate of inflation like I have for my term in office as mayor,” he said. “My top priority…

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Who Gets the Experimental Ebola Drugs?

Are you chosen as a guinea pig, or you are rich or colour of your skin!

Washington Redskins Defend Name With Help From Native Americans


A Grave Mistake: Trying to reunite families with loved ones’ remains


Global News

FERNIE, B.C.- Fernie residents are on a tireless search to reunite families with their loved ones’ missing remains, which were unearthed during decades of construction.

John Gawryluk and Corlyn Haarstad have spent the last 15 years trying to find evidence that nearly 400 once-buried bodies were displaced by development in the mountain town. Through cross-referencing obituaries, databases and maps, they realized that many of the burial sites and grave markers were disturbed by construction, including the building of an elementary school four decades ago.

“At first you think it has to be a mistake,” Haarstad says. “But when you start to put the pieces together and they’re not in the cemetery but you have the documented proof that they’re buried here…where [are they]?”

“Bulldozer operators remember pushing headstones over, and when you dig through there and you see there’s a bone here and a bone there of different people…c’mon,” adds…

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Winnipeg’s Muslim Community Pray for Peace in the Middle east

Prayers for the Afflicted #AN&V2014

Global Eyes Magazine

For Immediate Release                                                                                             August 10, 2014

                                                      Statement from Muslim Leaders in Manitoba

We, the undersigned Muslim leaders in Winnipeg, unconditionally declare the actions of ISIS against the Iraqi Christians and Yazidis an affront to our faith, and we forcefully condemn any attempts by ISIS to associate their heinous crimes to Islam and to our prophetic tradition.

Islam has made it incumbent on Muslims under Islamic law to protect religious minorities within their countries and grant freedom of religion, security of life, honour, property and intellect to all citizens regardless of race, religion and gender. We are therefore anguished at how Christians and other religious minorities are suffering at the hands of our co-religionists in today’s conflict-ridden world.

We urge and pray that Muslim religious leaders and politicians around the world will continue to speak up and take strong and definitive actions against criminals and terrorists who are committing atrocities in the name…

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