We’ll Be Stronger Together


The Scottish National Party (SNP) is one of the most attractively crafted nationalist movements in history. It has cloaked itself in progressive liberal language; it claims to be in favor of higher immigration; it professes great friendship for neighboring nations; it is anti­militarist; and instead of focusing on the past, it champions “the future.” But in the end, like all nationalisms, it has a reactionary core. It assumes that one people—the Scots—are somehow, although they would never state it, intrinsically separate and superior; and that the answer to their problems is to cut off a group of fellow citizens, and treat them—the English, Welsh and Northern Irish—as foreigners. All the bewildering, appealing and contradictory claims of the Scottish nationalists ultimately rest on this foundation.

Take their manifesto. The SNP, the main party behind the Yes Scotland campaign, has avoided much discussion of identity and has tried to make the referendum…

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To start the day …. Throwback to “We Are the World”!!

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It Is What It Is


~~August 28, 2014~~

Why are there so many differences between human beings? There are characteristics that define us in different groups, I accept that but deep down, we are the same. 

We are conceived the same way, we come into this way the same way. Anatomically speaking, we are the same. The biological processes that keep our metabolism going and the cellular functions going are the same. Our DNA is the same. 

It’s only outside, physical attributes that make us different.

“We may have different religions, different languages, different color skin, but we all belong to one human race.”

Photo credit: Anonymous Awakening


Why can’t we all realize this and accept that we are the same and that we are ONE?

What touches one, touches all.

We ALL bleed RED!! 

The Potential is there, so is the Spirit. All that is needed is the Spark.

~~As it appears in ……

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Andrew Norfolk


In this BBC News interview, Andrew Norfolk, the Times journalist whose investigations helped expose the abuse and rape of children in Rotherham, describes his work and the serious failing of all the authorities involved.

Andrew Norfolk was winner of the Paul Foot award (2012) and the Orwell Prize (2013) for political writing for his two year investigation into the sexual exploitation of teenage girls by gangs of men.

His investigation first started when he covered concerns raised by Keighley MP Ann Cryer in 2003, who was the first mainstream figure to speak out about gangs of Asian men meeting young girls outside secondary schools, but he didn’t follow it up. In 2010 he realised that no one seemed to have made the connection and became “increasingly uneasy” that he had not followed up on Cryer’s claims.

His then editor at the Times, James Harding, asked him to work full time…

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Going to your prom by helicopter is a thing now, as ITV documentary reveals the lavish side of the event


The 13 most photogenic places in America


Photography-wise, you really can’t go wrong in a national park or a big city.

They “tend to be the best places to photograph,” says Gary Arndt, a blogger and photographer who sold his house in 2007 and has been roaming the globe ever since. The Society of American Travel Writers named him 2014 Photographer of the Year, and he has already visited 25 countries this year.

This week, Arndt will surpass mile 11,000 of this summer’s North American odyssey.

Arndt has picked more than 20 of the most photogenic spots he’s visited to highlight on Pinterest. A selection is featured in the gallery above. Visually rich and undeniably gorgeous, these American destinations are ripe for photographers of all skill levels.

“If you go to the Grand Canyon, it’s pretty hard to screw up,” Arndt said.

Here are three tips from Arndt to get you started:

— You don’t have to…

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Why Louis van Gaal was wrong to sign autographs after Manchester United were tonked


Our Planet Is Sick – Have we Killed it – Are we seeing the final years of Earth and our Species?

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Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

iv_horsemen_of_the_apocalypse_by_procrust-d31bipxhttp://shaunynews.com/2014/08/11/our-planet-is-telling-us-something-mother-nature-our-species-video/ is a blog I did a few weeks ago called ”Our planet is telling us something – Mother Nature – Our Species”Video was not really debated on my blog and I guess I won’t expect debate here either. I am up most nights in pain (Blah Blah, I know) and have a LOT of time to research things, look at things, notice things and I do. I have just watched a few video’s in the last few hours and they are shocking as well as horrific. IF YOU ARE RELIGIOUS I would give these a watch. I don’t follow Religion nor do I live by any Religious Bible, BUT much of what I am seeing sends me to Scripture from the Bible. Odd? oh yes. The video below is by a guy I watch a lot of what he does. The blog I did has a lot in it…

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