Power Plant Imps and Accident Apes

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Power Plant Men

In order to promote Safety at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma in 1988, we watched a video that introduced us to the four “Imps”.  These were little creatures that lurked around the power power plant waiting to cause accidents.  The video demonstrated how these four imps had lead a racing car to have an accident which put the driver in hospital.  The Imps were called:  Impatience, Improvisation, Impulsiveness and Impunity.

The video also went on to say that “Knowing is not enough”.  You have to “Act”.  The four imps try to keep you from acting when you know that there is a safe way to do something.  A Yellow Flag was used in the video when the crash occurred during the race, and the video went on to emphasize that if we could only see the Yellow Flag “Before the accident happens”, then we could take steps…

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