Do not doubt the power of the Cloward-Piven strategy

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Jonah Goldberg at National Reviewhas a fine column today in which he dynamites the Obama talking point that our cross-border invasion is a flood of refugees from shocking new war-zone conditions in Central America, and has nothing to do with Obama’s failure to enforce immigration laws.  After listing a series of dire headlines from various newspapers, describing bloody chaos in Columbia, Guatemala, and El Salvador, which would seem to buttress Obama’s contention, Goldberg drops the bomb that they’re all headlines from 1987 through 2007.

“And yet, over those two decades, we never saw anything like what we are seeing today,” he observes.  “Something else is going on.  To be sure, this doesn’t mean that the children at the border aren’t fleeing horrible conditions, violence, and poverty.  But horrible conditions are not exactly new to Central America.  In other words, the new variable isn’t what’s…

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