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My Turn: Be careful what you vote for | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper.

I guess this is as good as time as any to announce that I’ve changed my own position on Proposition 1. I was going to vote “No” because I support reduced taxes as a rule.

Sometimes a second look at things makes us question our presuppositions.

I’ve explained before that Alaska is an owner-state. The people of Alaska own their resources in common and the State of Alaska administers them for maximum benefit to the citizens of Alaska. At least, that’s what our constitution says. Think of Alaska as a corporation, the Legislature as the Board of Directors, the Governor as the CEO and the people as the shareholders.

If this were North Dakota, the oil companies would be negotiating with the landowners over a payment scheme. If this were Kuwait, the…

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Obama Admin Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. B.O. Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

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Obama Administration Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. BO Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

About 10 days ago, Snowden was to release some information about our beloved Obama administration.. People keep saying it is Russia that is the aggressor.. Really?   What American did Russia kidnap? None.  They gave safe haven to a whistle blower who is revealing NSA secrets.  Some people consider Snowden to be a traitor, others believe he is a patriot.  At any rate; Looks like the paranoid, insane Obama admin can’t sleep at night if they don’t capture Snowden. 

It is not Russia that started this ‘cold war.’ It was John McCain, Obama, Murphy, & Nuland.  That’s the facts.

Moscow considers the kidnapping “a new hostile move by Washington,” and accused the US of ignoring…

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Kenya: At Least 29 Killed After “Gunmen” Attack Christian Village, Open Fire At Homes Indiscriminately, Burn Down Church

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They’re simply trying to be more like the “prophet” of Islam, and the closer they can mimic his example the closer they are to reaching his perverted paradise

Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day …”

Islamic Killers Place Bible On Back Of Man Killed During Attack Islamic Killers Place Bible On Back Of Man Killed During Attack

By Damien Gayle, Mail Online – “Gunmen fired indiscriminately at homes, burned down a church and raided a police station in two attacks on Kenyan coastal towns overnight, killing at least 29 people.

Twenty of the victims were killed in an attack in the Gamba area of Tana River county, where gunmen rushed the police station and freed suspected al-Shabab militants.

Another nine were killed in a separate raid at the Hindi trading centre in neighbouring Lamu county, near the town of…

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Hillary Clinton Denounces NSA Surveillance On German Chancellor


The Real Reason You Should Be Worried About That Facebook Experiment


Why Afghanistan, why war.

#AND2014 – We’ll written

Life after legs

In my many years of preparation and participation in war I was never really given a direct answer to why we were at war. Of course there was the consistent reminder that finding and killing Bin Laden would somehow bring vindication for the 2,000 innocent civilians who died on 9/11. But why were we willing to loose another lot of military lives for this goal; which was seen as marginal at best by any educated military strategists. The truth was, by the time we had chased the rabbit down the hole enough to see his tail, the journey back to daylight didn’t seem worth the trouble anymore. To further this analogy where Bin laden is the rabbit, even bringing the rabbit back up with us wouldn’t feed the appetite we had conjured in chasing it. In other words, killing Bin Laden wasn’t going to make our country safer, and it…

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