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I could really use some distractions right now…couldn’t you!

We all do different things to clear our minds and change our thought patterns

To take ourselves on a temporary journey deep into the unknown

A place to break away from the outside world of trouble and strife


So for me I will open a book

There are 100s of books to choose from it can become difficult to sort out the useful works from the tripe

All that knowledge to share inside a book once I get my hands on it and soak it all inI would tell you to read everything you can get your hands on and take from it what you will

For me I will find a place just a quiet simple little spot I’ll call it my haven open a book that will serve me as my…

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El glaciar Perito Moreno, en El Chaltén, el Chorrillo del Salto


Nuestro guía nos pasa a buscar temprano por la mañana y empezamos a recorrer los 83 kilómetros que separan El Calafate del Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, hacia el sur, para visitar el ventisquero más imponente del planeta: el Perito Moreno. El Parque Nacional ha sido declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por UNESCO en el año 1981, ocupa una superficie total de 724.000 hectáreas y se encuentra en una zona de transición, donde conviven especies típicas del bosque con las características de la estepa patagónica.

A la luz del otoño, el bosque se despliega en tonos intensos que oscilan entre el amarillo dorado y el rojo ciruela, donde águilas moras y patos de los torrentes conviven con guanacos y huemules. Miles de años atrás, el paisaje estaba cubierto por glaciares que dieron forma a las montañas con su avance, al excavar valles entre las laderas rocosas. El cambio climático…

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To the left

Tooting Hustle

When getting the tube, it is common courtesy to walk on the left. Be it a staircase, a walkway or platform, you must walk to the left. So why is it when I am hurrying around like a typical Londoner, NOBODY WALKS ON THE BLOODY LEFT?

Especially when I am running late to work, they seem to come out in masses. They clog up the stairwells, as people have to shuffle their way around them. They make walking down a platform a nightmare. You just want to get out of the platform before the next overcrowded trains pulls in bringing more unsuspecting commuters.

Us Londoners deal with all sorts of unpredictable challenges: Tube strikes, signal failures and engineering works.


They must have 2 left hands, because it clearly says on the stairwells ‘keep left’. Or perhaps they mistook it for walk on both sides.


The most ironic thing is when…

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Faithful Resident In Your World ! / Endless Love.


Let me love you endlessly .

let me be filled with your sweetness.

Let me drown in the ocean of your eyes.

Let me taste the honey of your lips.

Let me be the morning dew to touch your face,

I love every second l am with you.

When I hear your whispers l feel ecstasy .

When l embrace you l fell endless happiness.

l am a faithful resident in your amazing world.

l love you.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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5 Designers of the Festival of Britain | Heritage Calling

First Night Design

Abram Games in his studio © Estate of Abram Games

The 1951 Festival of Britain inspired a new generation of creative design. Here are 5 of the leading designers who worked on the festival…

Source: 5 Designers of the Festival of Britain | Heritage Calling

Take care and keep laughing!


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Un petit tour au jardin

Ma vie au présent simple

Aujourd’hui je vous emmene avec moi faire un petit tour dans mon jardinet…

Tout n’est pas encore planté mais on fait ce qu’on peut avec le temps qu’on a 😉

On y va? Suivez-moi…

Je vous presente un des pieds de tomates cerises 😊

Un des pieds de céleris ⬇

Les oignons ⬇

Les salades ⬇

les pois chiches ⬇

Les groseilles ⬇

Les groseilles à maquereau ⬇

Les framboises ⬇

La menthe chocolat ⬇

Le persil⬇

Le romarin ⬇

Le thym ⬇

La menthe marocaine ⬇

La ciboulette ⬇

La sariette⬇

L’aneth ⬇

La lavande⬇

Et la lavande papillon ⬇

Voilà, un apercu de mon petit coin de paradis 😊

Si vous voulez plus d’infos sur toutes ces plantes, je vous invite a faire un tour sur le merveilleux blog “spotjardin”, qui saura répondre à toutes vos questions côté jardin 😉. Pour cela il vous suffit de cliquer >

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The power of Air is of the mind

The force of intellect inspiration and imagination

It is your


Air is the Element of new life and new possibilities and is absolutely essential to Spells and Rituals

Air aids us in visualization a vital technique in MagickIt is like a vital Spirit that passes through all things giving them life as it moves and flows all around us allowing us to breathe it into our minds bodies and spirits

Air is the glue that binds our Spells

NORTH WIND: color of pitch black used in cleansing the negative energies or thoughts of the mind

EAST WIND: the color of rich blue adding power to water Magick as it is the healing force of the Spirit and the Body

SOUTH WIND: deep yellow gives you power in whatever Spell you cast especially in…

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