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an unwinding

House of Heart

No longer a subtle nuance,
crumbling ashes expose me
bare to the outside world and within.
Only fire can make me whole, where is
the flame that burned like the sun?
These amorous teeth aching to bite
soothe the throb of a wounded tongue.
Conflicted eyes follow you through weeds
to cast my sword of roses,
sweet but with thorns and all the
hurt a life can hold.
Still I follow you into history
give you my drop of blood.



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Haiku No. 14: Subtenant (Untermieter)

The Red Box


Your Gaze,

Can Opener,

Needy Subtenant.

Dein Blick,


Bedürftiger Untermieter.

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Autumn Fragrance

Friendly Fairy Tales


Wet leaves,
milkweed seed,
painted blooms
honey mead,
fragrance of fall,
floating like Chagall.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Keith Garrett
Late October, the days grow short and the nights even longer,

There’s a chill that falls over the land this season, fear lives.

A small town in Massachusetts where the winds of cold grow,

An evil hides here in this quiet place, the woods of darkness.

An old house, hundreds of years standing, death to those who wonder,

What lives here, who lives here if at all human is black magic, so evil.

The people of this town are well aware of the strange night happenings,

Now it’s October, it’s that time of year again, they conjure, witches.

The owls are heard at night, they wait in the trees, they can see,

Bats fly through the fog filled skies searching for blood on this night.

On Halloween night all the doors in this unusual little town will be locked,

Fore they draw you into…

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House of Heart

In the whir  of time I reach back

into a vast universe of memories

to recapture the light held captive,

to bring  it forward like a  tiny globe

of fire reflected in the irides of my eyes

or an ocean storming in my palm.

Escaping  life we draped our nights in   promises

breathed them silky as softly burning psalm.

Your  memoir is imprinted  on my heart,

one gentle sway and suddenly I remember.


art by Billy Knight






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For a Loaf of Bread by L. Martel


This is a drawing inspired by a photo taken by Emilio Morenatti of the Associated Press. I don’t have a date for the photo but it represents a crowd of Pakistani men reaching out for bread being handed out near a mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. Hunger is something we can all appreciate but this kind of hunger should never exist. It is pencil on a sketch pad and it doesn’t begin to captured the intensity of the situation but the photo does. However, I may eventually try it in oil and see how it comes out.


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