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PRIX :3,50€  Avis aux Amateurs Amitié Alain   Merci de commander…………..très vite?
Carte Maximaphilie, P.J.C

It is a stage that all of those who are striving and competing are competing for it and it is a kind of life that if you are missing it you are one of the dead. It is a light that if you are without it you are in and ocean of darkness. It is […]
Love of Allah..&..Allah Sevgisi..&..  Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah
allah sevgisi, Ibn al-Qayyim, Jawziyyah, God, Love of Allah, sicknesses

Micul cer şi Marea mare Totul se întrezărea, Încolţeau anotimpurile sub tălpile tale Şi tu obişnuiai să te propteşti în piciorul stâng… Apăsai pe degetele-mi care scriau despre soare Şi parcă vara îşi făcea loc pe lângă tâmpla ta. Am mers împreună să-i scriem verii să ne aducă îngerii aproape . Şi tu mi-ai promis […]

Micul cer şi Marea mare

mare, scriu, mâinile cerului, strigătul mării, tu

This is a landscape woodblock print by Hiroshige II 二代 広重 (1826-1869) called Chûzenji Lake in Shimozuke Province 下野中禅寺湖水 made in 1860. It is part of the series One hundred famous views of Japan 諸国名所百景. Lake Chûzenji is located in the Nikkô National Park, a popular tourist spot even today and a must see on […] […]

Art on Tuesday: Lake Chûzenji — Japan Kaleidoskop

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The Typewriter “Police are searching for escaped convict Leticia Decker, otherwise known as the Lafayetteville’s Lizzy Borden.” Lonely Mike Dawson shut off the old dusty radio. After twenty two best selling horror novels, he preferred to rummage through his cluttered attic than stare at a blank page. Lifting a sheet off a table he discovered […]

The Typewriter

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Do you recall the night by the shore, The chilly breeze biting at our legs? Shivering in the breeze you took off your shirt and wrapped it across my bare shoulders.   I have  had other moonlit nights but none like this. Your shirt still smells of the sea your cheek as  rough as shells embedded in the sand. I kept your shirt, pretending to forget.   The garden is in bloom now in lush  shades of red that push  against green leaves, fire-wheels of lilies. A contrary sower, it is my gift. I would prefer salt wind and a chilly moonlit shore.   My nights are filled with dreams of entwined sea creatures unwilling to disentangle now they have found one another.       “Drowning in Sleep”  by kimsol

sea creatures

dreams, gift, poetry, gardens, Kiimsol, shore

Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

Zauberhaften Guten Morgen!, Falco tinnunculus, Morning has broken

No hay luz,

es de noche y no hay luz.

La colcha está echada

hacia el lado incorrecto

de esta cama redonda.

Basta metade do seu rosto para o meu olho brilhar.

Basta metade do azul destes olhos para eu me visualizar.

Basta metade do seu ombro para eu querer me apoiar.

It was midnight when we arrived in Manaus. Normally we would have taken a train or bus into town from the airport, however it was late and we weren’t familiar with the place so we took a taxis. Trusting our Lonely Planet Book, we found accommodation at the Plaza Hotel, AV Getulio Vargas 215. In spite of the name, it was described as “unspectacular but comfortable ” (inexpensive) and that, it was.

Everyday is a beautiful new day…you just have to recognize it……happy saturday

En algún lugar del alma se extienden los desiertos de la pérdida, del dolor fermentado; oscuros páramos agazapados tras los parajes de los días.

Nació en Santiago el 29 de Octubre de 1911, su familia era francesa, pero estaban radicados en Chile. Por motivos laborales de su padre, la familia se va a vivir a Orillas del río Maule. Este ambiente rural le fue de gran influencia para desarrollar sus obras, por ejemplo: Cosas de campo (1933).


Fable, folklore, or perhaps so very real somewhere in another time,

Like a mystical story from times of old England, it seems this could be.

Possibly he lived in a great castle of stone along a flowing river,


“Since we cannot know all that is to be known of everything,
we ought to know a little about everything.”

~~ Blaise Pascal ~~

Viigils held across chicago for orlando lgbt community, our brothers and sisters – some flowers from me to all who suffer now

En el emblemático edificio del Torreón del Monje se puede visitar con entrada libre y gratuita la muestra fotográfica itinerante que nuclea imágenes de la ciudad, captadas por la mirada de fotógrafos aficionados o profesionales que tienen en común la pasión por los lugares emblemáticos de este enclave tradicional de la costa atlántica.

The sea is calm tonight.
The tide is full, the moon lies fair

Explore The Beauty Of Indonesia

Anghel Dumbrăveanu


Bij de verbeelding #2 By fotodigitalenten

But honestly, if you are nearer Virginia and or New York, I would suggest a visit to Howe Caverns and or Luray Caverns.

I guarantee every photo I post of my kitties is one of several taken to get to the one that’s adequate to post!

A really great storm was going on outside last night. And I had opened all the doors and windows. Its so beautiful to see trees turbulently swaying with the fierce winds against the deepest and darkest nights. Specially after the spell of maddening heat.

Alright, not as in the “Great Australian Outback”, but rather “Out my back door, in my house yard”.

Earth is the planet
                            we share
           Humanity is the bond
                                                  we care!

How wonderful the world would be ,

Philippians 3:10, New King James Version (NKJV)
10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death,

Mixed Cats Pictures


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Anthony Tornambe

Yours too .. Great to share with friends 😊👍

Anthony Tornambe

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Storia illustrata

Nice one Doru 👍


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Leslie a really beautiful picture of a child in those desperate times .. Ian 😊⭐️👍


The Despairing Child is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas painted  sometime in the 1980’s. This painting is of a troubled child. Why did I chose this subject? We are in the middle of Holy Week and unfortunately,  suffering is part of life. This is to call to mind the suffering of others, especially the children.

agis iphone pics june 24, 2015 095

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Fabulous post … Perfect for sharing ⭐️😍


The BroomStick is a magickal tool that is usually made by the Witch for herself from the branch and twigs from her favorite tree

A gift of a homemade BroomStick is always wonderful to receive and highly acceptable

If you don’t have trees on your property where you live then look around to find that special tree that catches your eyeNow that the Spring has Sprung and Summer is peeking around the corner it’s the perfect time to begin to collect the things you will need to put together your own Witches BroomStick

You can use your wild imagination to decorate the BroomStick with

Little Bells
FeathersA can of spray paint to choose a favorite color or blend several colors together


Whatever you like it’s up to you


Just a few easy steps

That include

An adventurous scavengers…

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I look into your eyes and see the universe not yet born.. &.. Gözlerinin içine bakıyorum ve henüz doğmamış kainatı görüyorum. – Rumi

Windows of the soul .. Semra written in the stars in our eyes sister …😍


I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.

Bir zamanlar binlerce arzum vardı. Ama bunlardan sadece biri olan , seni bilmek arzumda, hepsi eridi gitti.

― Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi

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Cirque de Printemps

Gods glorious plan .. Don’t you just love spring and this post of Brenda’s is perfect to show us what Spring is all about … Perfect ⭐️😊👍

Friendly Fairy Tales

Purple Crocuses

Crocuses raise cheery salutes,
opening orange invitations to
invite us to Come One, Come All,
to spring’s circus in the meadow.

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Storia illustrata

This is a great picture Doru … I have a nest outside my home with a bird who is building it for her babies and can hear her billowing and cooing daily .. Really nice 😊


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